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To estimate the cost, measure the length times the width of your junk. A 5ft. x 5ft. is 25 square feet, which is a typical load. For more information on the cost of junk loads, call us today!

If you look up the price of all the materials at a hardware store, that can give you an idea of the material cost.

If you are 100% sure that you bought all the supplies needed for the job, then feel free to buy your own materials. More often than not, it is best for us to buy the materials to ensure everything is accounted for and ready to go. This will save you time and money because reshopping for materials will cost extra.

Yes, we have insurance and are licensed. You can trust us to handle any handyman, hauling, junk removal, or electrical job you may have!

Demolition requires breaking walls and structures. Junk Hauling is picking up the material off the floor.

Any junk that you want to be removed, we will handle so you don’t have to. Let us know what is junk and we will haul it for you. We do throw a majority of the junk away but donate items whenever possible.

We are more than happy do to the heavy lifting for you when it comes to junk removal, and hauling. Don’t worry about straining yourself to move heavy items when we have the equipment and experience to do the heavy lifting safely and effectively.

We will remove and haul anything, except for vehicles. We can remove fallen trees, junk, and more! Call us today if you think your junk is too big for us to remove.